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Architext Querying
Expedia Travel -- discount airfare, flights, ...

dive hol
Tokyo Dive instructor
Diver Mole, "Your Inspiration Buddy"
La Laguna Beach Club Special Offer Puerto Gal...
Phuket Wetsuits by Hotwave Thailand, Scuba Diving Accessories and Dive Gear
Bibble Labs - Professional Photo-Manipulation Software
Maldives Hotels & Resorts Reservation - Asia Travel
Wave Monitoring Townsville
Point n click sea surface temperature
World Dive Travel australia
Scuba Dive Cairns
Scuba Diving Rates - Subsurface Fiji
Accommodation - F$ 44 per night
Accommodation : Price : Budget - Fiji Visitor...
Fiji hotel : Fiji Mocambo, Nadi, Fiji. Descri...
Beqa Lagoon Dive Sites - Aquacadabra
Yahoo! Lodging Search Results saipan
Yahoo! Lodging -- New Marina Hotel
Micronesia's Top Dive Operators
Dive Services japan dive
Real World Diving Guam-SCUBA Diving and Dolph... | Scuba Diving
Professional Sports Divers of Guam
Professional Sports Divers Homepage

Acceleraters for mac

Accelerate Your Mac FAQ: Overclocking RISKS
Accelerate Your Mac! - G3 CPU card Cache tests - 1MB vs 512K
Accelerate Your Mac! - Guide to the XLR8 Carrier ZIF
Accelerate Your Mac! - XLR8 Carrier ZIF First Look!
Accelerate Your Macintosh! CPU Card Reviews Page
Accelerate Your Macintosh! News Page
Accelerate Your Macintosh! Software Update Report: MaxPowr Pro Control v1.3
Macintosh prices. dealmac news.
macintosh, macintosh sales, powermacs, used and refurbished, networking, database solutions.
Sonnet Technologies, Inc.
Upgrading CPUs in PowerComputing models - rare cases of failures - Past, Present and Future Issues of G3 CPU Cards

Acrobat Reader

Adobe Acrobat Reader
Get Acrobat!

By the URL Manager Pro author etc.

AT&T WorldNet Service: Internet Access Services from JENS in Japan
Contact the author
Please pay with credit card via Kagi Software (USA). You can pay for this product online. Choose Register Online from the Help menu. Thanks!
Free POP Mail Services
Hotmail - The World's FREE Web-based E-mail
URL Manager Pro's Home Page
Enable Balloon Help to display this text as you move your mouse over the Note icon.
Web Confidential™
Use Web Confidential to manage all your passwords, User IDs, software keys, ATM/PIN codes, bank accounts, etc. You can encrypt your data with strong cryptography.
Welcome to Yahoo! Mail

cats etc

LCMS Live LabCam

Cool sites

Baen Free Library
UK Department for Transport | Highway Code
BBC HEALTH: Travel Health
BBC News | SCI/TECH | European 'spying' laws ...
Enya flash4check
The Cranberries Official Website
The official Enya website

Dead ?

HYPERDIA Japan Train routes

digital camera etc

Canon Digital Camera Underwater Photography G...
Cannon's underwater Photo guide October 2003
Olympus C-5050Z - tips and advice
A complete guide to digital cameras, digital ...
A Short Course in Editing Digital Photographs
Active Decisions, Inc.
Editor's Choices Contents
Steve's Digicams - Main Menu


Welcome Aboard the Truk Odyssey - Wreck divin...
Digital Diver Network - Your source for digital underwater photography information!
Mock Theory Test Questions
Hazard Perception Theory Test Hawk-Eye
BBC - Weather Centre - Coast and Sea - Tide Tables
BBC - Weather Centre - Coast and Sea - Buoy Observations
How often can a porcupinefish inflate?
UKRS Who's Who Database
Underwater Magic, Peter Verhoog & Georgina Wi...
Realy good photos
Statistics of Shark Attacks on Divers by Clothes
Divers Alert Network : DAN Medical Center : M...
Diving medical information
Nitrox Planner
ScubaDuba -- Nitrox & Other Mixed Gasses
Phuket liveaboard diving in Thailand and Burma (Mergui)
Dive Girl | The magazine about women and scuba
Sex Underwater !!!
UKDivers - Scuba diving in the UK
UK Scuba - Cylinder Buoyancy Calculation
PADI Members Site
Phuket Wetsuits by Hotwave Thailand, Scuba Diving Accessories and Dive Gear
Masashi Fukui's web site. Dive related pictures.
Fins subjective test
My PADI Profile Log In
Virtual Naval Hospital: United States Naval ...
The Perfect Light
Scuba Board - General Equipment Discussions
Medical Q and A - August 2002 - DIVERNET fro...
List of Scuba Tanks Made From 6351-T6 Alloy
Para-Gear Equipment Co. Inc. - Parachute Gear...
Nigel's dive rig - The Biggest Site for Aust...
logbook.jpg 600x888 pixels
Printable Dive Log Pages
Water Corporation - MarineCam

Dive Shopping

Iluminacion Submarina (Underwater lights)
The prices seem to be very good
Video Digital
Safty: Helicopter Rescue
Safty ; Diver location trials: Results
JMD Technologies UK - Underwater Diving Torch - Jetsam Technologies Ltd.
Backplates and stuff
Northern Diver Buoyancy Control
Divers Warehouse
has the Nexus
Aquathai Pattaya Thailand Information Source for Waters
Gilan Good quality diving light
The long awaited KISS Manufacturing NanoBooster
Equipment Insurance - Mail order performance fabrics
VR2 Dive computer
Expedition Oxygen Analyzer Dive light
3 C cell dive light
Nylon Webbing and Braided Nylon Line and
Browsing Store - CAP HOOD
Idaho Sewing for Sports manufactures tower pa...
Fill Express -- Frequently Answered Questions...
Northeast Scuba Supply - Used Equipment
kentdiving UK Shopping
cyberdiver - Equipment Manufacturer Search Re...
Dive shops & centers - List of diveshops and ...
Dive Supply, Diving, Snorkeling Gear and Equi...
Pony Tamer Upgrade and Spare Parts
Scuba Toys - Buy Dive Gear On Line Tusa, Pose...
Seaquip - Discount scuba diving snorkeling ge...
Leisure Pro Online Dive Shop
Aquapac - 100% Waterproof Cases and Bags
Computers: E-Dive Shop Online Scuba Shop - Ca...

51 Scuba >> Singapore Scuba Diving
The Basics - Physiology and Physics of Helium-
Aladin interfaces for dummies
Aqua DiveLog for Palm OS - Dive Computer Plugin
CCExpedition Dive Version - White LED Flashli...
Deep Courses 200 Feet
Dive Docs
Diverlink - The Harris Papers
Diverlink - Your connection to the...
Diverlink - Your connection to the...
Diving Magazine
decompression planning using air, nitrox, trimix
Extremely British - at the cutting edge of di...
Global Underwater Explorers Home
Google Search: Underwater Kinetics
Mar Scuba - Underwater Digital Photography
Mar Scuba - Underwater Digital Photography
Nitrox and Technical Diving
Nouvelle page 1
padi bhudda view dive resort welcomes you
Peter Built Co.
Questions on watch and specifications of the ...
Rodale's Scuba Diving Gear Buyer's Guide
Rodale's Scuba Diving Gear Buyer's Guide
Scuba Board - Do You Service Your Own Regs?
Scuba Board - Do You Service Your Own Regs?
Sds water sports UK dive shopping
Technical Diving -
The Diver's Black Box
Very Deep Air Wah-Wah -
Woodville Karst Plain Project

Drop Basket

MAP OF SPAIN Internet Service Provider ISP co...
Tom Lehrer Song Lyrics
pair Networks - WebMail
Adobe Education: Classroom in a Book series
Direct DL link
Aterm DIRECTSTAR Speed check
What is Audacity? PHP/Scripts and Programs/Gues...
All Electronics Corp - Parts and Supplies/New and Surplus
AskTog Design Section
AskTog Home Page
Computer Stupidities
Computer Stupidities: Email Magic
Dan's Data - PC hardware reviews and tutorials!
Dan's Data - PC hardware reviews and tutorials!
Digital FM Transmitter
Easybuy2000 - your Internet store
Features: Our Attorney's Response To Microsoft
Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy - Weird Scie...
iCal Exchange
Your MacLife Index of /subpages/qt
Linux Online - Classroom
Linux Online - Linux Lessons
MacNN News • Disc Burner 1.01 supports 3rd pa...
MacSurfer's Headline News™ : CD-R, DVD-R Blank Media, Comp...
My Mac Life : my funny motto
strange colour change
NAPA DAV310 MP3-VCD-CD portable player
pair Networks - My pair CCT Control Center
Rules of Debate
Science Links
Sizzling HTML Jalfrezi - HTML by Example
Technology Associates: Model 4X ErgoXRay
The Birthday Hampster Dance
The Graduation HampsterDance
The Hampster Dance
LED flashlight roundup - part 2!
THE LED MUSEUM - LEDs - LED Flashlights - Gal...
The Linux Home Page at Linux Online
The UVic Writer's Guide: Start Here
Things People Said
Welcome to the IECC
Welcome to the Ringo MUG Website!


xvi's page
VLC for Mac OS X
Free DVD and VCD player
Compare UK prices of DVD Players from the cheapest shops -
Code Free DVD Buying Guide: Tips for Region F...
All the DVD info you will ever need
Multiregion DVD Players @ Home Cinema Heaven ...
The firmware page :: Index
Home Cinema Choice Online Reviews
DVD Reviewer - Multi-Region Hacks
About Region Display
DVD Players that play DVD movies from all DVD...
TechTV | Change DVD Region Codes
The Mac DVD Resource
Visual Domain - Homepage of Erwin van den Berg

English folk dance

All Titles
Carry on Camping, Guardian article
Forest School Camps - An Adventure in Education
Google Search: folk dance
Ramellis Rout [#1]
Webfeet | English Ceilidh | Dances | Nottingh...
Webfeet | English Ceilidh | Dances | Speed th...


PowerFlex Account Application Form Request
AltaVista Translations
Encyclopædia Britannica
Cambridge International Dictionaries
CitiDirect Credit Card
City bank log on
Dictionary List
Encarta Encyclopedia
FOLDOC - Computing Dictionary
FXConverter - OANDA's 164 Currency Converter
Internet Anagram Server / I, Rearrangement Se...
Latin abbreviations
PACIFIC Exchange Rate Service
Singer & Friedlander Isle Of Man Ltd - Homepage
The Alternative Dictionaries
The League Of American Investors Online German, Spanish, Fre...
World Wide Words Home Page ï 100 Most Frequently Miss... ï Home Page

Fog City Software

LetterRip Pro

Fun stuff

Hazard Perception Theory Test Hawk-Eye
Things to make and do.
HowStuffWorks - Learn how Everything Works!
Arielle's Recipe Archives: Home
Does Humour Belong? in Technology
Does Humour Belong? in Technology
Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy - Weird Scie...
Missing Sheep
Penny Arcade!
TechTV | Home
The most eligible sysadmins on the net!
The Smoking Gun: Archive - Funny, naughty pictures, videos...
Welcome to Black Market!

HTML bits

Dynamic Drive: .htaccess password generator
Comprehensive guide to .htaccess- password protection
"Top Ten Mistakes" Revisited (Alertbox May 1999)
Affordable Host Free Resources
All My FAQs
All My FAQs Wiki: Index of all pages
AT&T WorldNet HTML design Service
BigNoseBird.Com's IMAGE MAP Page

Free Graphics

Clip Art Warehouse - Free clip art images by ...
Menu for /
Thumbnails for All Graphics
TuDogs: Free Clipart
TuDogs: freeware, clipart, animation, Web des...

How To Use HTML Meta Tags
HTML Hell Page
HTML Help by The Web Design Group
Matt's Script Archive: FormMail
META Tag Builder
NCSA -- A Beginner's Guide to HTML
Response-O-Matic Template Instructions
Search Usability (Alertbox July 1997)
Sig Software - Analog Helper
Sizzling HTML Jalfrezi - HTML by Example
Summary Manual - Log Formats
Top Ten Mistakes in Web Design (Alertbox May ...
WDG HTML Validator
WDVL: Designing Attractive Web Pages
WDVL: Timeless Typography
WDVL: Tips and Fun Stuff
Web Authoring FAQ (WDG)

International shipping OK

1st Move International Removals UK, USA and O...
Cyberpower Inc. Info Info
WelcomeDepot Info


A Guide to Japanese Visas
MOFA: Visa
A Guide to Japanese Visas
A Guide to Japanese Visas


dc12_053.jpg 683x734 pixels
Knots on the Web (Peter Suber)
Rope Works- a book on rope, knots, splicing, ...

Lakeland Usefull links

CS 100 section 1 links
EdCen Home Page
Office of Student Life
Plagiarism Q&A
Student Plagiarism in an Online World

Macintosh Links

Apple - About Apple - Mailing Lists - Downloads - Mac
Macfreewares: Freeware only, for Macintosh an...
MacInstruct : : "Beyond the Basics" Tutorials
MacSurfer's Headline News™
MIT LCS's INFO-MAC HyperArchive
Small Dog Electronics
The Ultimate Mac Resource
Used Mac Parts
Welcome to the Ringo MUG Website!
Welcome to TUCOWS!


Ben's MacQuarium Page
Dr. Webster's Guide to the MacQuarium
MacAquarium web site.
Make A Maquarium
Matt's MacQuarium Page
The Official MacAquarium Site
Tom's Macquarium


Garfield's Comics Corner
Macintosh Resource Page
TechTV | Home
The Dilbert Zone

Net radio

At - Internet Radio Stations Online
BBC Online - Audio and Video
The Best of BBC Online with links to Radio 1, Radio 2, Radio 3, Radio 4, Radio 5, and the BBC World service
BBC Online - BBC Talent - TV Presenter - Trade Secrets
Aunties bloomers
BBC Online - Radio 4 Live
Listen to Radio 4 direct from England This gives a browser window wth R4
BBC Radio Player Fivelive
BBC Radio Player radio 1
Geeks in Space - Listen
PRIVACY Forum Radio Guide - Radio Tuner
Silent Way's Mac Tips: SoundJam
Silent Way's MP3 Stream Picks- Eclectic
Virgin Net - Live radio
Virgin Net UK The Internet Program Guide

News readers etc - Logon - Members Area!
NewsHosting :: CVV2 Info
Daily Yomiuri On-Line
Free Agent
Free Agent is a fully functional Usenet newsreader that is ideal for students, not for profit organizations, and first-time users.
Welcome to The Japan Times online

Photos From Digital images

Ofoto: Sign in to Ofoto
Ofoto: Welcome to Ofoto
Shutterfly delivers 35mm-quality prints from your digital camera

Phone information

Tel: 01923-807777 Mobile Phones UK - Information & the Best Deals on Orange Mobile Phones in the UK
Orange pay as you go Just Talk 0870 080 4444 Mobiles, Watford - Orange Just Talk Pay as you Go Pre-Pay

Provider / mail links

News.CIS.DFN.DE: Hierarchy List news server
Articles about Project Gutenberg
pair Networks - My pair Account Control Center


@nifty: ADSL
DSL - - the place for BROADBAND - glossary definition bridge+taps - glossary definition bridge+taps
eAccess service ADSL
The Unofficial PortMaster Repository
Tokyo metallic.

Anatomy of a Rumor
CSC Information [AP List]
Daily Yomiuri On-Line
Dot Cons - glossary definition load+coil
Free POP Mail Services
Getting Rid of "Spam"
Hotmail log on

Internet Applications information

Anarchie Pro
Anarchie Pro
Bricks ISDN
Eudora Light
Helper Applications
How Search Engines Work
Map of Eric's Home Web
Search Engine Features For Searchers

pair Networks - Compare Features
pair Networks - Customer Site of the Week
pair Networks - FTP Account
Smith Micro
TZO.COM Domain Name Check
Unofficial Eudora Site -- Mac Plugins
Welcome to Yahoo! Mail

Psion bits

aladin computer to psion
Clove Technology
Clove Technology -
Computer Exchange Online
Connecting a PSION Series 5 or greater with a Mac
Home a Psion 5 pict huide
Home Page Ltd.
JBSoft Home Page
JBSoft Home Page
Lead info
Level 1 - Palmtops
Lieuwe's Psion homepage
Palmscape | Home
Palmtop magazine - HOME page
Pocket Info
Psion Internet Resellers
psion REVO PDA MP3 mamboX í îÃ - Psion - Psion Links
RMR Software - EPOC Programs
The 3-Lib Psion and EPOC Home Page on the Web
The PSION Series 3x/5 FAQ main archive
UK Resellers for Psion
Welcome to FreEPOC
Widget / Psion / Memory / Flash SSD
Widget / Psion / Product Range
Widget / Support / Psion / Flash and RAM SSD’s - What is the difference?
Widget Software - Product Index


Cubic QTVR
Cubic QTVR
Cubic QTVR Process
QuickTime Development Resources - Tools

QuickTime VR

NET OnLine - Art - QuickTime VR Movies of Neb...
Oslo 360
People Places and Things Photographics: Quick...
pete's Oxford Skyline :QTVR
QTVR movies of area of TT99
QuickTime VRs of the Desert Southwest (Desert...
stone circles and other archaeologic sites
sit in the middle of an ancient circle and admire the 360 degrees views through the eyes of QuickTime VR
The Multimedia Library's QTVR Links
The Multimedia Library's Quicktime VR Movie o...


56K.COM - 56K Modem Init Strings and Drivers ...
56K.COM - Where else can I get Mac modem scri...
Index of /ftp/software/mac/comm/_Apple_Remote...
Macintosh Logic Board Battery Information
Western Digital Corporation - Jumper Settings
Yes, I'm begging for money

Search The net

Acronym and abbreviation list
Acronym Finder: Look up 162,000+ acronyms/abbreviations & their definitions
AltaVista - Welcome
AltaVista Translations
Free Downloads -
G E E K T O O L S: Whois Proxy
Interface Hall of Shame
Orchid Inn - Forums powered by WWWThreads PHP
Term-of-the-day - PC Webopaedia Definition and Links
Whois Database - Copyright

Shopping Folder

Yahoo! Shopping
Waterproof clothing for fishing,boating from Baconsdozen
Rohan Design frame catalogue
IDENTI-TAPE - Safety Reflective Tapes for Clo... : CD-R, DVD-R Blank Media, Comp...
Other World Computing is your source for Quality Macintosh Upgrades and More!
Otter Box Cases
Pelican 1660 Protector Case
Portable MP3 VCD CD Player Napa DAV310
Small Dog Electronics
Storm Cases
Used Mac Parts - page 2 of 2
Welcome to Pico Direct
Yahoo! Shopping

Software Updates / Linux

Freeware versions for MacOS
LinuxNewbies - Welcome!
Other World Computing- Tech Support

Tape Labler

Brother 1500PC tape info

Tech. Info.

Bare Bones Guide to HTML
Japanese internet speed test
MacMegasite - My top freeware picks for 2002
Good list of OSX apps
Internet Connection Speedometer
Apple Mouse disasambly
OSXFAQ :: View topic - Dr. Mac's prescription...
Apache Web Server Development Archive: IE5 in...
AskTog: Reader Mail, July, 2000
Backup - Links to the most interesting sit...
CD-Recordable FAQ
Computer Stupidities
Dot Pitch Explained
Dynamic DNS Client for the Macintosh
Erase Cookie Info and Exit
Firewire Depot
Fun CSS Tricks You Can Use!
Gibson Research Support
Hard Disk Drive Help
How To Block Ads & Web Bugs Without Extra Sof...
IBM Hard disk drives
IBM Hard disk drives
Isys Information Architects Inc.
Linux Support - Yellow Dog Linux for the Appl...
Mac Specs, Prices, Answers, & More @ EveryMac...
Maxtor Corporation
Measurement Conversion
Modify Apple's Airport to Add an Exteranl Ant...
Molecular Expressions: The Galleria - Extending DVD


Native OS X Applications
OSXFAQ :: View topic - Dr. Mac's prescription...
Marc Liyanage - Software - Mac OS X Packages ...
Mac OS X Hints - Get the most from X!
mod_ssl download
OS X Guide download
Previous Edits - Mac OS X
Previous Edits - Mac OS X
Terminal Guide download
Welcome to
Good Geek stuf
Your Mac Life X
good net radio show

Outlook Express 5.0 for Mac
Panorama Tools
Practically Networked Product Guide - Wireles...
Qarbon | ViewletLibrary
r o x i o | Help with Your Roxio Software
Region Free DVD-ROM
Symantec Security Response
The AFU FAQ Page
The Chip Reset Page
The International PGP Home Page
The Mac Observer: Hot Cocoa - Customizing The...
The Original Mac Upgraders Geek Boutique!
The Unified Code for Units of Measures - Tables Home Page
Whiz Host: No-nonsense cheap web hosting and ...
[JavaHouse-Brewers:39457] Security Hole of MR...


Packing for international overseas removals UK. to Thailand
Costs of living in Udon Thani
Stickman - Living and teaching in Bangkok
Bangkok Bank - Bank Rates
Bangkok Bank - Deposit Rate
Bangkok Bank - Foreign Exchange Information Now Available Via Bualuang Phone and Telefax
Bangkok Post
Bangkok: the guidebook of
Maps of Asia
Sukumvit Area Bangkok: the guidebook of thais...
Thailand Hotels and Resorts : Thailand's larg...
Welcome to Bangkok Bank Home Page, Thailand


Virtual Malaysia - Malaysia's Integrated Tour...
Historical Map Web Sites
Index of /Libs/PCL/Map_collection/islands_oce...
Maps of Asia

Universities & E-texts

Origami Underground
Browse the Modern English Collection -- Electronic Text Center
SARA Gopher
The Internet Classics Archive | Browse
The Online Medieval and Classical Library (DL SunSITE)
VU Gopher


BBC - Weather Centre - World Weather - Averag...
Met Office: Weather and climate - UK
UK Wind Map - UK Weather Forecasts [UK Weather Outlook] - [Updated on Monday July 12 2004 at 10:00] - Weather Feeds - Live Data - Long Range Weather Forecasts
Weather forecast Mon Jul. 12 2004 08:00 UTC
Weather forecast Mon Jul. 12 2004 08:00 UTC
Mainichi Daily News Weather
abpwsavs.jpg 997x905 pixels
Bangkok, Thailand Forecast by
World | Asia | Thailand | Bangkok
Bangkok, Thailand Forecast Precipitation PM b...
Meteorological Station Information Lookup
Oceanweather Inc: Current Marine Data
sea temps

Windows bits

98lite for enhancing and embedding Windows9x
A Closer Look at Windows XP Product Activation
AnandTech - Microsoft: An Interesting Case Study
Computer CMOS information
Free Agent Newsreader
Hard Disk Drive Help
Internet Explorer is Evil!
Maxtor Hard Drive Settings
Nathan's MAD IE De-integration Lab
r o x i o | About File Systems and File Names
The JPEG Sheriff
The JPEG Sheriff - Index page
Welcome to
Wim's BIOS Page: Everything you want to know ...
Wim's BIOS Page: Everything you want to know ...
Windows95 Annoyances
Windows95 Annoyances (Collected Windows95 Sof...
ZDNet: CDDA: Make perfect samples from CDs - ...

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