My name is Akihiko Watanabe.

I am twenty years old. I am from Kanagawa. My hobbies are listen to music
and watching movies. My favorite kind of musicís are pop and R&B and my
favorite kind of movie is comedy. I have a one sister. I like this class
because I have a friend in this class and this class doesnít use a
textbook. My favorite point about this class is using newspapers and
choosing the topic by ourself. I like Chaina because Chaina is very big so
there are many people. But I have never been abroad. I want to go abroad.
And I want to see some countries. My birthday is 30th January, 1980. Ilike
January very much because January is My birthday month. I want to get a part
time job and I want work in supermarket. I want to speak English very well.
So I want to study English in this class very much.

Written by Nozomi Fukuda

My name is Akihito Suzuki.

I'm from Hokkaido prefecture and now I live in Kitano, Hachioji.
I'm 22 years old. I have a big sister and a small sister. They are 25
and 18 years old.
My hobbies are watching videos, skateboarding and driving. I often come here by car.
My favorite color is white, because white has a image of pure.
I come to school 4 times a week. After school, I skateboard with my friend.
On weekend I go shopping in Shibuya and take a cup of tea at Cafe.
I repeated the same grade 2 times because of too much absence. I'll work harder this year.

Written by Nobuko Taniwaki.

My name is Chihiro Yamagami.

I'm from Gunma and I live there now, so I take about
three hours to go to this university. It's very hard.
I have a mother and a father, but I have neiter brothers
or sisters. My mother is very friendly, so I and she always
talk together. And I love her, and she is my respecting person.
Next, I talk about my favorite things. My hobby is singing
songs and my favorite song is "if" by TRICERATOPS who is a
japanese famous pop music groop. I like spring and fall.
Because there're many flowers in spring and the sky is beautiful
in fall! My favorite flower is the hydrangea. It's very pretty!
I'm good at cooking "Mabo-doufu". It's a chinese food. My"Mabo-doufu"
is very tasty, but no people have not eaten it.
When I was a small child, I went to Taiwan with my parents. It's
my first abroad travel, bat I don't remenber Taiwan. Now I want to go
to NewZealand.
I enjoy this life. Thank you.

written by Ryoko Nakazawa

My name is Emi Matsumoto,

born on December
15, 1980, at a hospital in Tokyo.
According to the doctors, I am blood type O. I spent
my childhood in Funabashi city, and then moved to
Kashiwa city in Chiba prefecture. After suffering
through the studies for the highschool entrance exams,
I got proudly accepted by Reitaku High school. My years
in high school was a blast. After graduating high school,
I entered to Hosei University, and is now majoring in
Sociology. Beginning of my first year in the university,
I joined a club called "Hosei Announce Kenkyukai".
The club takes part in radio drama, writing drama
scripts, using sound equipment, and more. Whenever
I have time, I like to listen to music and playing
the guitar. A musician named Masayoshi Yamazaki has
influenced me in playing the guitar. Also, I spend
my free time watching television and reading books.
Concerning on entertainment, I admire actors named
John Reno and Hideki Takahashi. John Reno is in
a film called "Leon", which is also one of my favorite
film. For an actress, Miki Nakatani's beauty gives
me the chills. Recently, I have traveled to Sendai with
one of my friends in the club, and, also, went to America
to meet a friend in my university, which she was visiting
her parents in California. In the future, I would like
to travel to many countries to meet people around the

Written by Yumi Arai

My name is Emi Simizu.

I am nineteen years old. I was born on May 10 in

I have type B blood. I live in Abiko. There are four people in my
family. I have a younger sister.

I belong to a tennis club. I am a beginner at tennis. I have a
part-time job in convenience store.

My hobby is listening music. I like popular music. I sometimes make skirts and bags. Those skirts and bags are very cute. I go to school in those. My favourite food is corn soup. My favourite actor is Seiichi Tanabe. My favourite color is pink. I like tulip. I like spling.

written by Yuko Maezumi

My name is Hiroko Shimura.

I am twenty years old and I was born in Tokyo.
My family is five and I have a sister and a brother.
I love my family! Oh! And I have a very lovely dog!
I love my dog too. My dog's name is Daisuke.
My dog's name comes from Daisuke Araki.
He was a famous Japanese baseball player.
My hobbies are watching the movies, reading comic books
and of course, playing with Daisuke!
Then I belong to the soccer circle. But I like baseball better.
And I have part time job. My job is a convenience store clerk.
I am very busy because there are a lot of things I want to do.
I have little time. But whenever I do something,
I have had a good time!

Written by Yukiko Ishii.

My name is Ikumi Kobayashi.

I am nineteen years old. I live in Yokohama. So,it takes me two hours from my house to the university. I usualy get up at eight o`clock. My blood type is O. I have four family members, which are my father and mother, an older sister, and I. My favorite color is green. We associate green with the season of spring or summer. But, I like autumn very much. At hosei university, I belong to the outdoor circle. Though, in my high school age, I belong to a cooking club. My hobby is listening to music. I also like to watch music TV programs. But, my favourite TV program is variety. After school, I do a part-time job two or three times in a week.

writeen by Masako Taima

My name is Junichi Mori.

I live in Kiyose in Tokyo.
There are four people in my family.
Father, Mother, Old sister, and Me.
My friends often say about my character that it is hard to understand me for them.
But I don't think so.
I think about my character good(or not bat).
Lastly, my favorite song is ìTUNAMIî.

This is written by Chihiro Yamagami

My name is Kaori Muto.

My friends call me Mucchi. Iím nineteen years old. I live in Machida. My family consists of four members : father, mother, a young sister and meÅD
I like watching TV. I watch music program well. My favorite artist is Shina Ringo. The melody the words and her voice make me excited. I bought her new album. I listen to it every morning. When I go to a Karaoke Box, I sing her songÅD
My favorite color is pink. I feel pink is very cute. Pink is in fashion this spring. I want a pink skirt. So I work very hard at a Chinese noodles restaurantÅD

Written by Yumi Onozawa

My name is Kayoko Kono.

I'm 20 years old. I live in Akishima, There are 4 people in my family, father, mother, brother, and I. My hobby is playing the piano, but I belonged to the girl's handball club when I was a high school student. The club was very hard, but it was a great wonderful experince, I think now. Because I learned a lot of things more handball skills, and I had very many friends in other schools. I like Chinese noodle(ramen). I work at a retaurant as waitress, and I will buy a motorbike with my savings. Because if I have it, I can reach school faster. In my university, media is my mejor. I am interested in the fields of mass communication and mass media, so working with them is my dream.

written by Yuki Nakai

My name is Kenji Tsutsumi.

I am twenty years old.
I live in Hadano. There are four members in my family (father,
mother,and brother) I have gold fish.
My hobby is watching baseball games.
My favorite baseball team is the Yokohama bay stars.
I like baseball but I don't play any sports now.
I joined in tennis circle"Emotion", but now I don't.
My favorite food is cake,especially cheese cake.
My favorite singer is "Mr. children".
I often go to Machida or Atsugi for shopping on holiday.
I buy clothes and so on there.
I go to driver'school now. I want to get driver's license as soon as

written by Yoko Fukunaga

Let me introduce my self. My name is Kenichiro Yamashita.

I live in Nishi Hachioji . I live alone . I came from Koutouku Tokyo . I was born on july 30th . I like summer . because I like swim and surf board . I usually swim in Shonan sea . but Shonan is dirty . I cleaned this beach last year .
By the way I go to shcool by my car . My car is NISSAN180SX . I have world famous friend . His name is Carlos Ghosn . It's a Japanese joke . I like to drive Hakone Turn Pike .
Hakone course is best drive course . Hakone is up and down . I drive always high speed .
And I like music QUEEN . Especialy BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY is nice song . This song is TOYOTA'S CM song . QUEEN is U . K's band . They are soulful and digital sound .  
And I like NFL . My favorite team is a MIAMI DOLPHINS . I needless to say this team is best player is DAN MARINO . HeÅ@is fantastic quarter back . Wonderful pass and powerful run . He is the best quarter back . I love American football . I love DAN MARINO .  

written by Yuki Horio

My name is Kouya Gushiken.

I am sophomore at Hosei University. I am studying Sociology at University.
I am from Okinawa. I graduated Naha Highschool, which is located in the
south of Okinawa.
My birthday is February 6th. I am 22 years old now. My blood type is O and
my star sign is Aquarius.
My hobbies are watching movies and traveling abroad. I have traveled to many countries, such as London, Paris, and Korea. I liked Paris the most. I recommend you travel to Paris because there has many beautiful places.
Let me tell you about my favorights. My favorite food is Hamachi. My favorite actress is Sayaka Yamaguchi. My favorite sports is rugby, my favorite color is white and my favorite season is summer.
I have my part-time job at a bar. My pay is 800 yen an hour.
My dream is to be a social worker someday.
I would like to spend my English class successfully. Nice to meet you.

written by Emi Matsumoto

My name is Manabu Nishimura.

Call me Manabu. I Live in Kichijouji.
I have two brothers.
Younger brother is 18 years old. He wants to be cook. So he studies
cooking in technical college. And older one is 23 years old. He wants to be maintenance man of airplane. He studies that in technical college , too.
My hobby is watching movie. I like suspense movie. For example,
psycho-suspense or trial-suspense. And I like watching soccer game.
My favorite player is Syunsuke Nakamura. He plays in YKOHAMA. F. MARINOS. And he is
member of Japanese national team. Favorite team is LAZIO(serieA in Italy). So I want to go to Italy or England. And I want to see professional soccer game.
I want to be My home PaPa or professional soccer player. Let's enjoy this class!

written by Shinsuke Ouchi

My name is Masako Taima.

I am 19 years old. My birthday is July 4th 1980. My blood type is A.
I was born in Machida and I am still living there. It takes me an
hour from my house to the university.
I usually get up at 8:00 am and go to bed at 0:00 am.
Four people in my family. I have a older brother.
My hobby is watching TV. My favourite TV program is drama. I am also
interested in taking pictures.
My favourite colour is green. Because it makes my heart fresh. My
favourite food is fruit. I like apples very much.

Written by Sumiko Ito

My name is Miho Kuzui.

My hometown is Mie. I lived in Tsu-city near the sea. I'm living alone in Hachiozi, now. Living alone is very lonely, but many friends support me.

My hobby is singing songs. "Karaoke" is singing to a taped music accompaniment. "Karaoke"is very very interesting.. My favorite song is Ringo Sina's song.

My favorite sport is Handball. I belong to the Handball team in Hosei Univ. My position is the team's caretaker. I go to club twice a week..

My favorite spots are Inokashira park and Shimokitazawa. But, I like Hachiozi for living.. About Japan, my favorite spot is Osaka. I like the Kansai district comedians. I think they are funny. Usually I speak in the Kansai dialect. It's my hometown's spirit of the tongue.

written by Kayoko Kouno

I am Misaki Yokoyama.

I live in Ikuta now. Before I entered Housei university, I lived in Fukuoka. But my family moved on fatherís business.
I belong to tennis club. I have played tennis for three years.
I like to chat with my friends. We often go to the Egg Dome, and we spend a lot of time on chat. And Çh like to eat very much. Whenever we chat we always eat something. My favorite is milk. I canít live without milk. Now I try hard to get a driving license. I want to get a driving license by summer.

written by Nao Kawai

My name is Nao Kawai.

I am twenty years old. My birthday is January 11th. I was born in Meguro and I am still living there. Sometime I play tennis at Hosei University. I started to play tennis with my friends last year.
I am also interested in taking pictures.
I work at a convenience store.
My favorite food is various kind of noodles. So I always eat udon or ramen in the cafeteria.
I like karaoke very much, because I like to sing songs.
I had very long hair before the coming-of-age ceremony. I finished the ceremony so I cut my hair very short.

Written by Misaki Yokoyama

My name is Naoya Tsuda.

I am nineteeen years old.
I am from Kanagawa.
I have parents and an old brother.
My birthday is August 22th 1980.
My blood type is A.
I don't have a girl friend.
I like basketball and soccer.
I don't like tennis.
My hobby is watching movies and playing basketball.
I work at a rental video shop.
I have a part-time job three times a week.
I want to go to Osaka.
My favorite soccer team is NAGOYA GRAMPUS.
I come to school by two lines train and a bus.
It takes two hours for him to come to school.
I usually have a part-time job on Sunday.
I don't have a driver's lisence.
I want a driver's lisence very much.

written by Shusaku Sumita

My name is Nobuko Taniwaki.

I'm ninteen years old.
And I would like to give you my little self introduction today.
I was born in Shizuoka but I live in Tokyo at the moment with my family. I have both younger sister and brother. They are eighteen and sixteen. I been playing vallyball for eleven years now and I'm enjoying one of the vallyball team in the Uni. I like to listen rock music also like sweets and LA-MEN. I work three or four times a week doing waitres and sometimes during weekend as well. I like blue color. I have a dog. Her name is Machia and she is three years old. We spend time toghter on weekends.
I consider that you got some sort of idea of me today and I'm looking forword to enjoying your company this year.

this was witten by Takashi Ichioka

My name is Norio Kubotera.

I'm 19 years old.
I come from Odawara city, Kanagawa prefecture. I belonged to Odawara high school.
I have 5 people in my family, and there is 1 brother and 1 sister.
My hobbies are listening to music, watching the movies, playing snowboard.
I went to Niigata and Nagano to play snowboard in this year.
My favorite artists are Beatles, and song is "All my loving".
I watched "Matrix" latest. I felt it was very exiting.
I like English. I have been to Australia 5 years ago.
But especially I don't want to go to other countries now.
The things most I want to do now is go to camp.

written by Akihiko Watanabe.

My name is Nozomi Fukuda.

My nickname is Futti.
I live in Yokohama. I often go to shopping in Yokohama. I have one younger
sister and brother. She is fourteen. He is seventeen. I like them.
My hobbies are listening to music and reading books. My favorite musician is
Yuzu. They are Japanese. Their voice is very nice. My favorite kind of music is R&B and
POP. Also my favorite restaurant is a Chinese restaurant. And My favorite color is
I have many favorite things. I want to marry when I am about twenty eight. I
want to marry at the age of twenty eight. I want to have about three children. I want to make
happy home.
I work in bar. This work is very tiring. But I like the job.

Written by kaori Muto

My name is Ryoko nakazawa.

I'm from Gunma Prefecture.
There are four people in my family. (father, Mother, Brother, and Me. )
My hobby is listening to the music and sleeping.
My weak subject are English and Mathematics.
I like to play volleyball.
I don't have part-time job, now.

written by Seiko Kaishio

My name is Ryoko Ohira.

I am 20 years old. I came from Suwa in Nagano. My family made up 5 people. My Father is a Mnute factory worker. In Japan, Suwa is famous for minute machine. Of course, My mother is a Minute factory worker too. I have two young brothers. The older brother is an University student from this year. My youngest brother is a high school student. Well, I live in Hachiouji. My home is Mejirodai. To go to school take me about 10 minutes by bus. I like watching TV. I watch about 4 hours everyday. My favorite drama was LongVacation. By the way, I can not use computer well.
But I like to speek English. So, I want to do my best myself! Thank you

Written by Norio Kubotera

My name is Sayaka Saito.

I'm 20 years old.
I'm live in Musashi-koganei.
My part time job is demonstrater.
I'm working on Saturday and Sanday.
My hobby is listening to the music and cooking.
My favorite artist is Ringo Shiina and Dragon Ash.
I want to go Hokkaido.
My favorit spots is track and field.
I have five families. (older sister and older brother)
My birthday is March. 29th 1980.

written by Naoya Tsuda.

My name is Seiko Kaishio.

Now, at first , Çh want to show you my favorite things. My favorite color is blue. my favorite television program is [hey! hey! hey!]. So, Å@ÇhÅ@like [downtowm]{japanese comedian}.
My favorite fruits is water-melon. Foods is chaina-foods. And my hobby is listenining music, and, shopping at shibuya. Singer is Hikaru Utada. And favorite class is information tecnology class. and some day Çhwant to go newyork.
Second, ÇhÅ@want to show you things dislike. I do not like any insects very much. Cockroach, beetle, anything like that. My mother hate insects too. She especially hate cockroach.

writen by Yoshinori Haraguchi

My name is Seitaro Nambu.

I came from Toyama. I have lived in Tokyo for one year.
I am nineteen years old. My favorite sports are baseball and basketball.
My favorite baseball team is Yokohama bay stars.And my favorite player is Shindo.
Because he is from Toyama. And I had belonged to basketball club for three years.
I like music. My favorite singer is Sina Ringo. Her name derives from Ringo Star.
I think she has talent. My family is four people. I have a little sister. I like eating food too.
Especially I like apples. Therefore I like curry with apples. The name is Barmond curry.Å@Å@Å@Å@Å@Å@Å@Å@

Written by Hiroko Shimura

My name is Takashi Ichioka.

I'm twenty-first years old.
Now I live in Kanagawa. The time when I was in elementary school, I have lived in America. And the time when I was a high school student, I have lived in Mexico. I have an older brother and an older sister. My brother lives in Kenya. And he is
already married.
My hobby is playing sports, making music, and drawing. I play many kinds of sports.
For instance, golf, tennis, basketball, skatebord, snowbord, and so on. On campus I often skatebord with my friend.

Written by Akihito Suzuki

My name is Yoko Fukunaga,

19 years old.
I come from kawasaki.
First i will say what i like.
I like to eat pasta and chocolate.
I like to play tennis and swimming.
I like to talk with my friends and go to movie.
My favorite season is spring because it is not too cold not too hot and my birthday is in spring.
My favorite place is my living room and my sister's room.
My favorite TV program is ER ÅAñ¢óàì·ãLÅAÇRîNÇaëgãáîôêÊêd.
My favorite actor is Brad pitt. i love him very much.
To the contrary what i don't like is to eat umebosi , tomato and carrot.
My parttime job is club school teacher and babysitter.
I join in life saving club now, but when my high school years i joined tennis club and sub captain.
I go school by train. In train i always sleep or read a book.

written by Kouya Gushiken

My name is Yoko Uchimura.

There are three pepole in my family. I have been living in Tokyo
for nineteen years.
I like basketball very much. When I was a junior and senior high school student I
belonged to the basketball team. My hobby is listening to music. My favourite
musician are "GRAPEVINE". Last June I went to
their live concert with my friends. We were very excited!! I can speak three
languages. English, Franch and Japanese. But I have never been to foreign
countries. I am interested in Engiand. I want to go to England the best.
After I graduate from HOSEI university I want to work in a magazine publishing

Written by Hiromi Shimizu

My name is Yuki Horio.

I am nineteen years old I was born in May 3rd and I have old brother. And I have four family I go to school from Kawasaki I like playing soccer and swimming. So I belong to soccer and swim circle in hosei university And I think most valuable soccer player in Japan is Hidetoshi Nakata Now Hide plays in Rome I have played soccer for three years in high school time My position was DF. My hobby is listening to music especially I like ìMr Childrenî I think ìreplayî is best song in thatÅ@band Because that song makes me calm down.
By the way I am going to buy ìAIBOî made by SONY It costs ¥250,000! But now I little regret ordered it.

Written by Seitarou Nambu.

My name is Yukiko Ishii.

Iwas born in Tokyo, in 1980. I'm 19 year old. I
don't have any brother and sister, but I have 3 dog and 5 bird. I like play , with them, to relax, to refresh and to stay away from any frustrat--ion. I like to listen to music, especially Ringo Shiina's song. I think her lyric is very deep, shows her original individual world, and makes me to think something. Well, I also like Misia and Yuzu. Their rhythm of songs are great. My favorite sport is volleyball. When I was in highschool, I was in volleyball team, but I'm not playing for any team. Well, as a hobby I like to play, cause I have no motivation to continue to practice for a victory.
Please call me Yuki.

written by Takuya '"Steve" Tanaka

My name is Yumie Suzuki.

My nickname is Suusan.
Iím nineteen years old and my birthday is June 12.
There are five people in my family. (father, mother, grandmother, younger sister and me)
Iím from Fuji city in Shizuoka prefecture.
Fuji city is the foot of Mt. Fuji.
Fuji city is good. Because everyday everywhere we look at the beautiful mountain.
Owing to this environment, I have a lovable character.
My hobby is watching comic show.
My favorite comedian is Taizou Harada who is member of the comic group ìNeptuneî.
I like soccer. My favorite player is Hidetoshi Nakata.
I want to get married to Italian cook and live a happy life.

written by Yuusuke Okada

My name is Yumi Onozawa.

I am nineteen years old. I live in Itabasi with my family. My family members are grandfather, grandmother, father, mother, older sister, and me.

My hobby is listen to the music. I like guitar pop music. And I belong to the music club. Club name is Yosegani. I play the guitar. I want to practice the guitar more. But I donít have so much time.

In the future, Iíd like to live a quiet life in the country. There are mountain and river there. My dream is living there with my husband and children. I hope that I have two children, one boy and one girl. If I marry by twenty- four years old, Iím so happy.

Written by Ryoko Ohira

My name is Yuuko.

I am nineteen years old. I am from Koiwa.
My blood group is A. I have a family of three. I am a Hosei
University student. Now, I belong the tennis club "FELIX". I joined
Kyuudou club in my high shchool days.
I got up at eight this morning. I come here a bus and trains.
My hobby is reading books, magazines, cartoons and novels. Å@I like dorama TV programs. I like skiing the best of all the winter sports. I love pink roses. I do not like all animals.
I went shopping in Machida yesterday.
I have many friends in this class.

Written by Ikumi Kobayashi.

My name is Takuya Thara.

My family is four people and I have a big brother, his name is a Shintaro. My old is 21 but 22 soon. My hobby is music and baseketball, especialy Boyz two MEN and NBA. I like curry rice and big Mac. Because they are resonable and big volume. I respect Michael Jorden. While he was a player nobody was able to beat him any time anywhere. He freqently made a buzzer beater jumper showed great defense and always stayed cool. I never him as the god. He is the reason that I started to play basketball.
I had lived in the U. S for 6 years. Texas and N. J for 3years each. I don't have a car. I am definetily going to TOYOTA 86 TRUENO. My dream is to across the U. S from L. A to N. Y with Haley Davidson. Please call me steve.

Written by Kenichiro Yamashita

My name is Hiromi Shimizu.

How do you? I am a media society major in Hosei university. I am from Saga, that in the country. There are a lot of rice field, great nature. And now, I live in Hachiouji. Living alone is very confortable for me. It's merit is no restriction about time. But demerit is no one help me, when I get sick.. My hobby is listening to music, and if I have a lot of time, I want to go shopping in Daikanyama. That is my favorite spot in Tokyo. Now, I am 20 years old.
That's all. Thank you!

Wrriten by Miho Kuzui

My name is Kazmasa.

Hello! I'm from Itabashi.There are five members in my family.I have a sister and a brother.I have
lived in Hachioji for a year.I have a cat named by Misia.I like sports.My hobby is snowbording.I wanted to go
snowbording in winter,but I couidn't. I'm a basketball player in my high school.I want to go Europe.I can speak French a
little,because I study it for a year.I like Japanese food.My part-time job is sushi derivery.I can ride motor bike.I go
to university by it.

written by Sayaka Saito

Hello,I am Ouchi Shinsuke.

I am 19 years old.I was born in Ibaraki. I love my home town.Because there are beautiful coast in Ibaraki.
I have been in San Francisco for two weeks.I love San rancisco,too.There are a lot of slopes,and streetcars run in San
Francisco.It is wonderful.I want go to San Francisco once again.
What I am interested in is music.I like to listen,to play,to compose music.There are many kind of music,but electric
pop music is my best.My favorite artist is Cornelias.
I have a dream.I want to be a great musician.

written by Manabu Nishimura

About Susaku Sumita.

My name is Shusaku Sumita.
I am 19 years old.
I live in warabi, I use train and bus to come to school, so I
spend 2 hours coming to Hosei university.
I have parents and old sister.
I like Japaneses pop music .
And my favorite foods is hamburg steak, and hamburger.
My hobby is reading books or playing soccer with my friends.
Becouse I beionged to soccer club at high scool.
I want to go Sawth-East Asia, For instance Malaysia.
Because I am interested in a culture of SE Asia.
I have computer But I can not use E-mails yet.

Written by Kazumasa Oshima.

My name is Sumiko Ito.

I live in Hachiouji. I come from Akita. I am H class. My hobby is taking a walk. I like watching a beatiful flower, green tree and many people. My blood type is O. I have an old sister. My sister lives in Saitama. I like Ando Masaharu. Because he is handsome. By the way I do not work, but I want to work.I like orange coller. It makes me fine. I belong to human and society cause. I do not like UMEBOCI.Because it is very spicy. But I like rice curry. Because rice curry is very spicy.

witten by Emi Shimizu.

My name is Yoshinori Haraguchi.

I come from Menuma in Saitama. I live in Kunugida in Hachioji.
I live by myself.
My family is five, father,mother,sister,grandmother,and me.
My hobby is reading comics. My favorite comic is The World Of Mine.
My favorite class is International communication class.
I do not have a part time job. I am reserching now.
I want to work at Sushi store because I wanted to be Sushi maker.

written by Junichi Morita

My name is Yuki Nakai.

I'm nineteen years old.
My family is five people. I have one yonger brother, Yutaka and one yonger sister, Yuko. I also have a cat. His name is Otokichi.
I live in CHOFU. I take one hour going to Hosei university by train and bus. I want to go there by my car because I can drive
a car. But I'm still beginner, so I don't go there by car.
My hobby is sewing. And my favorite sport is hockey. Sometimes I play hockey with my friend.
Every morning I have a part time of job. To get up early is very difficult for me. But I work very hard because I want to buy a computer soon.

Written by Yoko Uchimura

My name is Yumi Arai.

I am 19 years old. I live in Chiba now. I have lived in California for 19 years.
My family is four. Father,Mother,Brother,and me. My hobby is watching movie and television, and traveling.
My favorite movie is "Gone with the wind". My favorite TV program is "KEIZOKU" and "WARAUINU NO BOUKEN" etc.
My favorite actor and actress are Atsurou Watabe and Miki Nakatani. My favorite singers are B'z and Madonna.
Favorite song of Madonna is "American Pie". I like eggplant. Eggplant dish is my favorite food.

written by Kenji Tsutsumi

My name is Yuuko.

I am nineteen years old. I am from Koiwa.
My blood group is A. I have a family of three. I am a Hosei University
student. Now, I belong the tennis club "FELIX". I joined The Kyuudou club in my
high shchool days.
I got up at eight this morning. I came here a bus and trains.
My hobby is reading books, magazines, cartoons and novels.
I like drama TV programs. I like skiing the best of all the winter sports. I
love pink roses. I do not like all animals.
I went shopping in Machida yesterday.
I have many friends in this class .

Written by Ikumi Kobayashi.

My name is Yuusuke Okada.

I am 20 years old. My birthday is february 15th.
I am from Yono city in Saitama prefecture.
This city is near Oomiya and Urawa city.
This city is faraway from my school,I must wake up early.
My family is 5,father,mother,old brother,old sister,and me.
My hobby is playing and watching sports.
I like baseball very much.
I belong to baseball team. My favorite baseball team is Yomiuri Giants.
I hope that Giants win more than last year.
My favorite food is pasta. I want to eat Fugu some day.
My future dream is living happy with my famiry.
I wish my famiry is always happy and cheear.
See you Every Monday!

written by Yumie SuzukiÅ@

My name is Yuusuke Okada.

I am 20 years old. My birthday is february 15th.
I am from Yono city in Saitama prefecture.
This city is near Oomiya and Urawa city.
This city is faraway from my school,I must wake up early.
My family is 5,father,mother,old brother,old sister,and me.
My hobby is playing and watching sports.
I like baseball very much.
I belong to baseball team. My favorite baseball team is Yomiuri Giants.
I hope that Giants win more than last year.
My favorite food is pasta. I want to eat Fugu some day.
My future dream is living happy with my famiry.
I wish my famiry is always happy and cheear.
See you Every Monday!

written by Yumie SuzukiÅ@