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ICC class period 3 Thursday

Topic: Fans

*The kinds of SENSU

Woman' s paper fans of the pattern which are traditionally called RYOUMI(coolness) for ZIGAMI(paper) using Japanese paper. Cloth fans for women. Fan using cloths, such as silk, cotton, hemp, and PINYA (fiber of the leaf of a pineapple), instead of Japanese paper. Have the merit of softness and the sense of a pattern is a feature. Gentleman's paper fans have the feature that it is larger than the fan for women by about 3cm. Cloth fans for gentlemen are fans of very profound texture. Sandalwood fan the sandalwood fan is used as high-class accessories and as an object for hobbies rather than practical use. Spanish fans were transported from Japan to the China continent, became a foreign style fan in Europe etc. in the 17th century, and was in fashion among aristocrats as stage properties of a joke.

* Commerce of SENSU

Early fan stores:A trade called a fan store prospered from the second half of the Period of the Northern and Southern Dynasties to the start of the Muromachi period. And the occupation of a fan painter started at the beginning of the Muromachi period, and fans also began to become popular. Simultaneously, export of a fans prospered and it was the prime product of export together with swords. Moreover, in the middle of the Muromachi period, OUGIITI(market) was hold on the day same every year.


Written by Nami


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