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History of a samisen

First, it was invented by loud singing of Central Asia in the 8.9th century. It seems that this is a wooden musical instrument and the skin of the Turkey system has stretched it on the trunk. It was connected with China in the 14th century, and appeared as a "samisen." This is improved in the style of China by using the KYUUSIN musical instrument (the BATOUKIN and KOKYUU) of the Mongolia system and the Persia system as a base. It came across to Ryukyu as "SANSIN" in the 16th century. The skin of NISIKIHEBI(snake) is used for this. And it came across to Japan as a "samisen" at last in the 17th century. When these days came, it came to use the skin of a cat, and a fine improvement was repeated in order to obtain the clear tone and clear volume of Japan according to the climate. * Relation with the foreign country of a samisen The samisen is supposed that a flamenco guitar, Oriental ethnic music, jazz, etc. are resembled.

*The feature of the Tsugaru samisen

It is said that the solo form flipped only with a samisen without only the Tsugaru samisen's calling it "KYOKUBIKI" and mixing other musical instruments started. There is no score and it is using everywhere a traditional melody which became settled by music.

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