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ICC class period 3 Thursday

Topic: Samisen


1. Component and Name of Shamisen.
Shamisen has Tenjin, Itomaki, Sao, Nakago, and Dou. It is made from wood is very hard and good grain. These are three kinds of wood. Karin is for a biginers one. Shitan is for a middle Class. No more get this kind of wood. Kohki is for a professional and high class. Shamisen's sao has three parts. Because, if only one peace, to keep good condition is very difficult.

2. Skin of Shamisen.

We use three kinds of skin for Shamisen. Most high class and good sound's one is cat's skin. But cost is very expensive, and usually most player use dog's one. Both kinds of skin are very difficult to keep.

Stretch skin and put on the "Dou" with paste which is almost same as a rice-cake. If not enough to stretch that skin, those Shamisen's sound become worce. And to stretching skin is almost limit to break. If keep it too warm or too humid place., as soon as skin will be broken. Usually, Shamisen make good sounds with new skin only two years.

3. Tunig of Shamisen.
Tunig is more difficult than guitar and other instruments. At first biggest String tunig with a voice, and another two strings tunig like these styles.
Usually, that Shamisen's tunig is are three kinds of tune. Those are "Hon-choshi", "Niagari-choshi" and " San-sagari". And Shamisen's strings are made from silk. Recently, using nylon's one for onlypractice.


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