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ICC class period 4 Thursday

Topic: Japanese sweets

“WAGASHI is the crystal of the Japanese sensitivity.”

Our modern food becomes rich in variety as well as much as we are surprised at it. Why we picked up WAGASHI for topic because we liked the Japanese sweets simply, it was from the reason that we established the theme “Japanese sweets group” and we decided to be advanced. But, while we examined it, we touched the history of the Japanese sweets and learned once again that are deep. For example it is a thing on the health side. There are many vegetables in the thing which is the raw material of the Japanese sweets in the pure natural foods. Many food fibers are contained in the sweet bean paste used for the Japanese sweets well, and now we know that it is effective in the constipation and the diapetes, the prevention such as a large intestine cancer as well. Also, though we renew it and it is reconsidered, there are some Japanese sweets now by being useful as well to beautify the woman’s skin.   Though it became a little old thing, the song of “DANGO SANKYOUDAI(The dumpling 3 brother )” was popular in Japan. The fire was attached from that song to the dumpling though that song was not an exceptionally good thing and it was the dull song made for the kindergartener. But that were origin arrival of the dumpling boom. Also, there was a “ the black sesame” boom as well. The sweets that which had the black sesame ice cream, the black sesame cookie, the black sesame rice cake, called the row topic to the store by the recent sweets though it was a fact if they were the Japanese sweets or it was the Western sweets. The people who reconsider the Japanese sweets once again by the appearance of the fresh Japanese sweets done like this though the honesty, the Japanese sweets become estranged from the modern’s eating habits and whom increase, too. There are people of the wide layer from the young man who supports theJapanese sweets created beautifully firmly to the old man. As for the Japanese sweets,the crystal of the Japanese sensitivity, the originality idea live fully. We eat, and not only delicious but also the world with the charm of those beautiful looks sends us to. If then that good point can be introduced to more people more closely from this report, it is lucky the Japanese sweets supported widely even if it is made the health food.

         We stopped eating the Japanese sweets in the usual life very much. At present, "The time of tea" is said, and most of the sweets which come out are probably cakes such as a cookie and a cake. Ohagi(ricecaked covered with sweet bean paste), the dumpling, and so on hardly come out to which was the tea cake which was peculiar to Japan in those old days now. But, the sweets to take are appearing newly with both the Japanese sweets and the Weatern sweets now. For example, they are sweets which is something "the ? style" such as an azuki bean pie and a powdered tea wind cake. The Japanese sweets become familiar, and the classes of the young man which they like the Japanese  sweets than are increasing by the  appearance of the Japanese sweets of such a new  type, too. There was a question with "What of the Japanese sweets is a charm?", and faced, and I did the answer with "The Japanese sweets are a kind of art." in the announcement of the other day. In other words, it is of course it seems that I stated it, and eats it and to be delicious in the point as well.  But, I add the charm based on it  because Iit is create by the manual operation which energy put each of the Japanese sweets into beautifully and give it to it. We are probably the characteristics of the Japanese sweets that it fascinates us.



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