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ICC class period 4 Thursday

Topic: Ninja


Ninja were in Japan only in old times. But today we can see them around the world. For example, in movies. Ninja movies are mainly made in the United States, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. They are the action films of actors in colorful ninja suits. "007 You Only Live Twice"('67) this is not called a ninja movie. But we can see ninja army in it. We can see ninja in cartoon too. Ninja Hattorikun is a very popular Japanese cartoon. Hattorikun comes to Tokyo to be professional ninja. And he helps his friend named "Kenichi" with his skills of ninja. There is ninja cartoon in United States too. This is "Ninja Turtles". Four mutant ninja turtles fight enemy with skills of ninja. There are theme parks of ninja in Japan. Ninja show is played at Nikko Edo Mura. This is the most popular show in Nikko Edo Mura. And if you go to Chibikko Ninja Mura in Nagano, you can master skills of ninja. We can see ninja in many scenes. These ninja wear the specific costume, have the specific skills, and do the specific things. But do you think that the ninja we imagine today are in old days? How were the true ninja?

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