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ICC class period 4 Thursday

Topic: Ninja


I’m going to talk about representative NINJA ,


(Representative NINJA)

Hanzou Hattori: He is one of the Iga big 3. When the incident at the Honnouji Temple caused, he guarded Ieyasu Tokunaga to Okazaki Castle and avoided his crisis.Hanzoumon of The Imperial Palace has its origin his name. And Hanzoumon Line, too.

Sandayu Momochi: He is the second of the Iga Jonin big 3.In South Iga, he commanded a hundred of Chunin and Genin.But by the War of Tensho Iga, he has been missing.

Nagatonokami Hujibayashi: He is the third of the Iga Jonin big 3.He commanded a lot of the Iga and Kouga.

Kotaro Fuma: He is the fourth of Fuma family that supported Hojo family.At the war against Katsuyori Takeda army, he confused them by clever night attack.

Goemon Ishikawa: He is Iga ninja and apprentice of Sandayu Momochi.He is famous because of having attempted the assassination to Hideyoshi Toyotomi and having been executed at the river bank in Kyoto Sanjo.

Masashige Kusunoki: In the period of the Nothern and Southern Dynasties. He was on the emperor Godaigo's side and distressed to the Northern Dynasties.He was closely related to Iga.

Yoshitsune Minamotono: He is famous because of having leaped from boats to boats at the battle of Dannoura . Then, we can make hypothesis that Genghis Khan was actually ninja.

Bashou Matsuo: When he was forty years old, he tripped from Edo to Touhoku on foot. Since it took him only about 150 days to walk from Edo to Touhoku, it is said that he was ninja.


Uzuragakure: At nighttime, when he is facing a crisis that he is founded by enemy, he falls on his face and holds his breath.

Kannongakure: It is to stand stupefied in front of enemy. On the contrary, it has the possibility of not being found.

Kunoichi: If you add the three letters, it becomes the Kanji of "Onna". It is a nimjutsu that makes the best of the characteristic of woman. For example, she breaks into enemy base by changing into maidservant and do information gathering.

Inchuyou: When he was suspected by enemy, he tricked that he was dog or cat by imitating their bake and mew.


Shuriken: This is pronoun of ninja. This is used for Weapon.

Mizugumo: This is a Geta with floats which made of woods. But it has been proved that it doesn't float at all.

U: This is a bamboo. Ninja goes under water with a bamboo in his mouth and breaths from a hollow of it.

Kumohashigo: This is one of the rope ladder. It is used for climbing over the wall and across the river.

Goshokumai: This is rice of five colors. It is used for making code.

Shikoro: This is double edged saw. This is made of high quality iron.

Kunai: This is iron stick. This is used for digging and driving chinking in the stone wall.


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