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ICC class period 4 Thursday

Topic: Kappa

Kappa's favorite things

A Kappa likes sumo wrestling. If human win this sumo wrestling? treasure and the live fish can be got from a Kappa.

However, "Sirikodama" is pulled if human lose. What is "Sirikodama"? It is a imaginary ball in human's anus.

A Kappa is the usage of god of dragon. Since god of dragon eats human's "Sirikodoma", a Kappa has to take "Sirikodama". In general, Kappa will draw underwater and pull "Sirikodama".

A Kappa dislikes fire. It is because the water in the plate on a Kappa's head get dry if there is fire. If the water of a plate is exhausted, Kappa gets weak. When human surely wants to beat a Kappa at sumo wrestling, human had better play sumo wrestling with Kappa who lose the water of a plate.

Moreover, a Kappa dislikes a gourd because a gourd rises to the surface of the water. In general, Kappa draws human into the river to pull the "Sirikodama". But "Sirikodama" isn't pulled because human puts on a gourd. A gourd floats, so "Sirikodama" isn' t pulled by Kappa. A gourd is a role of a life belt. Therefore, Kappa abhors a gourd.


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