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ICC class period 4 Thursday

Topic: Japanese Animae (Cartoons)

Doraemon's profile

I'll talk about Doraemon's profile and his special body. He is a machine. He bears on September 3, 2112. His constellation is the Virgin. Height is 129.3cm. Weight is 129.3kg. Chest is 129.3cm. Waist is 129.3cm. Hip is 129.3cm. His power is 129.3 horsepower too. Why all numerical value is 129.3? Because 129.3 is average height of the fourth grade of elementary school in 1970s.

His favorite food is Dorayaki. He abhors mouse very much. When he listen the word "mouse", he fly from the mouse. His eye is eye of an infrared ray. Even so all around is pitch-dark, he can see a thing. His nose is strong nose. The power which scents a smell is human's 20 times. His mustache is like radar. It is the very efficient radar which detects a long distance thing. The mouth is big. A washbasin can enter his mouth. He put on the bell. His bell can emit a special sound wave and can collect neighboring cats. His hands can have various things also by the round hand. He has a pocket of four dimensions. Inside is super-space and a thing enters in large numbers. His secret tools are kept in this. Removal is possible so he sometimes washes it. His leg floats 3mm from the ground by the function of antigravity. Therefore, it does not become dirty even if he walks in bare feet. His tail is important for him because his function stop if his tail is pulled.

These are his profile.


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