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ICC class period 5 Thursday

Topic: Ninja

"The history of Ninja"

Ninja, the existences are not thoroughly known. Because they have been under the cover of darkness until today.

Ninja is one of the occupations. Their task is collecting the information about their enemy and spying. They've served under influential persons as for a property man. When Sengoku period, Ninja were the most taking an active part thorough their history. Ninja were sent for each place with disguise for example a doctor, a farmer and a seller and so on by Sengoku daimyos (Japanese feudal lord). They stolen into enemy's territory like smoke using Ninjutu which the skills of stealth and secrecy. For that reason --- the superhuman technique ---, I think that Ninja are still keeping on attracting people all over the world.

The beginning of Ninja is said in the six century. When Asuka period, Shoutoku-Taishi made Otomo no Hosori, who was Taishi's retainer, collect information. At that time, Hosori was called a "SHINOBI". That is the beginning of Ninja. After that in the fifteen century, Sengoku period, OUNIN no RAN happened. Then Ninja were at the height of their prosperity thorough their history as mentioned above. However, when Edo period, the wars were coming to run out, Ninja had been gradually declining. But then some Ninja took an active part as the secret detective of Edo Bakufu. The Ninja of Edo Bakufu were called "Oniwaban" or "Onmitu". And today the traditions of Ninja have came down to modern Ninja.



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